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iScan’s First Appearance Leads to Enlanda’s Success in Sales   2013-07-27

Enlanda finally unveiled iScan, the standing sleep tester brought in from Europe, which was well received among the customers in the opening ceremony of Wuxi and Chengdu. It was considered as one of the most successful promotional activities under Enlanda in recent years. iScan, for its eye-catching appearance and simple operation, as well as its all-round and accurate analysis, aroused the curiosity of consumers soon after its release. Hundreds of consumers, attracted by the sales assistant’s explanation in the activity, couldn’t wait to experience this amazing device.

iScan significantly promoted sales of mattress in Chengdu and Wuxi. In our Chengdu Enlanda specialty stores, iScan made a sales amount up to 500,000RMB within two days. What’s more, it broke our sales records in a single activity in Wuxi Enlanda specialty store. The sales rose to 359,000RMB in Wuxi Enlanda specialty store within 4 hours while attracting more than 400 customers to experience the iScan.



We make great progress in sales after the first appearance of iScan. It instills great confidence in our future promotional activities. In the coming days, we will continue to make efforts to promote the iScan and encourage our distributors to introduce this device. We hope it will help our customer know his/her sleep needs better and get the most suitable mattress in order to have a better sleeping quality.


Our goal of introducing iScan from Europe is to make more people know the importance of quality sleep. This device can help customers detect the most suitable mattress according to body’s weight, size and spine curve. It has been widely used in many countries of Europe and Canada and has obtained a high degree of recognition. iScan’s introduction to China is a breakthrough for us in the field of exploring scientific and quality sleep. In the coming years, we will keep the concept of scientific sleep, importing more competitive products and diversifying the product line to enhance our Enlanda’s market competitiveness and market share. All of which will lead us to build a world-class mattress brand.

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